Awesome High Tech Gadgets for Your Home

Awesome High Tech Gadgets for Your Home

We have really progressed in the USA as it relates to home products and these cool accessories are not only high tech but they’re designed to make life easier for you. When you purchase these items you’ll never look at home products the same way and your family will thank you for buying them. Some of these high tech accessories are more expensive than others and you want to choose something that best suits your needs without busting your budget..You can compare prices by visiting different stores before making a purchase. Here are some awesome high tech gadgets for your home.

Transparent TV

I recently purchased a transparent TV and it is amazing! This transparent TV has a see-through feature and it looks so futuristic. We no longer have to have a bulky TV in our home that interferes with the overall design of the living room thanks to the transparent TV. This television has a grayish silver appearance and a sleek design. It reminds me of the  kind of TV that I used to see on the Jetsons and other sci fi shows I loved as a teen.


My kids especially enjoy seeing the light that emits from the new RIMA lamp we bought not too long ago. The RIMA lamp comes with a useful tool that lets you choose the intensity of the light’s heat, brightness and color in various levels. My niece is away in college and she currently uses a RIMA lamp in her dorm room. She mentioned that it is like a dimmer and a lamp all in one, and that’s how I would describe it. This lamp is shaped like a thin bridge, which gives the home office a futuristic look and makes it easy to transport around.

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Must Visit US Attractions

Must Visit US Attractions

Traveling in the US requires more than a week and in some cases more than a month if you want to enjoy certain cities. When traveling you want to go beyond well known destinations such as Disney World because too many people travel here and you want to go to places that you haven’t been before since it makes traveling more exciting. Here are some must visit US attractions for you to visit.

Myrtle Beach South Carolina

If you visit Myrtle Beach the first thing you’ll notice is the wide number of beaches there since this is a coastal city. Check out the Myrtle Beachfront because it’s free fun for the family and the weather is generally pleasant in the spring and summer months. For the music lovers you can check out the Carolina Opry. This hall features live country, blues and gospel music a few nights a week and you;ll have a great time. Those interested in learning about nature can check out Ripley’s Aquarium where you’ll see thousands of species of fishes and other sea creatures.

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Must Have Accessories for Star Wars Fans

Must Have Accessories for Star Wars Fans

If you’re a Star Wars fan (I am!) and own a car, you can actually purchase Star Wars car accessories that will make you the envy of friends. I recently bought such one of the accessories available and was happy with the choice. To increase the overall coolness of my car I’ve also decided to purchase LED light bar, so that I can lighten the path ahead. I compiled a list of additional must have car accessories for Star Wars fans:

Star Wars Floor Mats

The true Star Wars fan and car owner should have Star Wars floor mats because you can keep your car floor clean while showing off your love for Star Wars. These mats have amazing images of Star Wars characters and the graphic designs on the mats look fantastic! My two sons love to ride in the car just because of the floor mats and these mats are sturdy enough to last for years. The mats are also easy to clean.

Star Wars Gear Shift Knobs

You’ll really feel futuristic when you buy these Star Wars gear shift knobs. The knobs are white and black and shaped like one of the robots seen in most of the Star Wars films. These knobs are lightweight and they’re not that expensive to get. These knobs don’t get dirty too easily and they’re easy on the hands too. A good friend of mine was in my car last week and he was so impressed that he decided to buy the knobs himself.

Star Wars USB Charger

In this increasingly digital world we have our phones in our cars at all times and a cool USB charger is helpful to have. If you are a diehard Star Wars fan you’ll enjoy the Star Wars USB charger. This charger  makes whistling and beeping sounds as it charges your devices in the car, making for a fun car ride with friends. This charger does a great job of extending the battery life of your devices and it is shaped like a robot.

Chewbacca Seatbelt Cover

For all the Chewbacca fans out there, you’ll love the Chewbacca seatbelt cover. It fits every seatbelt just fine and it adds a sci fi look to  the car. When my older sister rode in the car with her newborn, the baby kept staring at my seatbelt cover in fascination. I guess he’s on his way to becoming a Star Wars fan.

Star Wars Steering Wheel Cover

Are you tired of looking at that same old leather steering wheel? Then it’s time to upgrade with the Star Wars steering wheel. This steering wheel is bluish looking and you’ll feel as if you are on the set of a Star Wars movie. These covers come in various images of characters from the film and they fit on most steering wheels. In conclusion, these car accessories will get you excited about driving again and bring out the geek in you. Finally, these accessories make driving easier.

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